What Should You Do When Ear Infections Start Recurring?

It’s easy to get discouraged when your ear infections start recurring. Some people feel like they won’t ever succeed in getting rid of the infection. You may even decide to stop seeking out treatment.

However, it is crucial to keep treating recurrences. They aren’t just painful and inconvenient. Recurring ear infections can easily lead to permanent hearing loss.

You should seek out a doctor if you have this issue. They can find the underlying cause and find the best way to prevent more recurrences.

Why Do Ear Infections Start Recurring?

Where do recurrences come from?

In some cases, people fail to take antibiotics as prescribed. This leads to the condition returning. Others build up a sensitivity to antibiotics due to misuse.

But in some cases, ear infections recur even after you have treated them fully. Doctors say there are many potential causes for this.

So what are some health conditions that lead to recurring ear infections?

  • Allergies

Allergies can be difficult to recognize. But if you don’t know why your ear infection keeps coming back, you should take an allergy test.

  • Sinus Conditions

There are various sinus conditions that can affect your hearing health. An imaging test can help doctors diagnose this problem.

  • Badly Functioning Eustachian Tube

This tube equalizes the pressure between your airways and your ears. However, it can be underdeveloped or blocked.

A Final Word

Ear infections are especially widespread among children. Five out of six children go through an ear infection at least once before the age of three.

As a parent, your job is to notice the early warning signs and seek out urgent treatment. After all, children are even more sensitive to damage than we are. Recurring ear infections can change the structure in their middle or inner ear.

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