Can a Salmon-Rich Diet Prevent Hearing Loss?

An increasing number of doctors agree: diet has a major impact on health. But how does diet impact our hearing? Let’s take salmon for instance. Rich in omega-3, salmon has multiple health benefits. But can a salmon-rich diet prevent hearing loss? Well, this is one of the questions scientists examined in a scientific study.

Research into the Link between Fish Consumption and the Prevention of Hearing Loss

In other words, scientists wanted to find out if eating omega-3-rich foods could be beneficial when it comes to hearing loss. So, they also wanted to know can a salmon-rich diet prevent hearing loss? Scientist Gopinath, Flood, Mitchel, Rochtchina, and McMahon collected data between 1997-1999 and 2002-2004 from nearly 3000 participants.

After studying the results, they concluded that a higher intake of long-chain dietary polyunsaturated fatty acid and eating fish regularly could delay or prevent the development of age-related hearing loss.

A second study backs up these results. When questioning 100,000 women on a variety of health issues, researchers at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston included hearing loss and diet. Examination of the results showed that women who consumed fish, including salmon two or more times per week were 20 percent less likely to develop hearing loss later in life.

They also noted that consuming fish had a positive impact, regardless of the omega 3-content. As a result, experts now believe that not only salmon can help to prevent hearing loss. Fish like tuna, herring, and other dark fish are also thought to help.

Final Thoughts

So, can a salmon-rich diet prevent hearing loss? The answer clearly points to the benefits of salmon along with other fish like tuna and herring. In fact, eating any type of fish can help. Including salmon and fish in your diet is therefore crucial, seeing as a high percentage of people suffer from age-related hearing loss.

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